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Custom 2-tone painting fuel rail covers

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Parts/supplies you will need:
- 1 can of sandable primer
- 1 pack of various sand paper, from 200-1600 grit
- 1 can of paint color 1 (for text/stripes)
- 1 can of paint color 2 (for main cover)
- 2 fresh razor blades or Xacto knife
- 1 roll of 3" wide masking tape
First, you start out with a set of stock fuel rail and black. I personally can't stand RED anywhere on a pewter car (except brake lights), so I figured I'd paint my covers black/pewter instead.
Spray the whole front of the cover with sandable primer, let dry for 10 minutes. If you want the cover to be smooth, sand the cover with some 200 grit, then 400, then 600. Re-primer the cover, and sand again. Repeat until you are happy with the feel.
Paint it the color you want the text/stripes, apply 3-4 coats, allowing time to dry. Let dry for 4 hours. Lay masking tape over the stripes/5.7L logo.
Using your thumb, strongly press the tape against the stripes to make sure there is a firm bond. Using the razor, cut around the stripes/5.7L logo.
Paint covers with the main base color you want them to be. Apply 3 coats. Let dry for 4-6 hours.
Peel off masking tape from stripes.
Lay a strip of masking tape over the "corvette" text at the top, pressing the tape firmly against the cover so you can clearly see the text outline. Using a razor, cut out the logo. Now mask off the rest of the cover with newspaper/foil/whatever you have, and spray the Corvette text with whatever color you wish. Apply 3 coats and let dry for 4-6 hours.
Remove the corvette text mask and voila, you are done!
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