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Hotchkis Strut Tower Brace

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This install is *VERY* easy, so easy that I really don't need to be explaining it. But, just incase somebody out there is intimidated by doing anything to their car, this should ease your fears.

Here is what your stock engine bay should look like before the strut tower brace.
First thing to do is to remove the 2 nuts from the strut tower on each side of the car. Then, make sure you have your mounting brackets loosly connected to the strut tower brace. Next, loosly place the strut tower brace & brackets loosly in place (no need to place the mounting brackets over the bolts just yet..for now, just get everything in the general area). You'll probably need to make sure your oil dipstick goes inbetween the bars for the Hotchkis brand STB.

Next, get the drivers side mounting bracket onto the bolts, and place the 2 nuts on the bolts and finger tighten (just a few twists). Now, get the passenger side bracket down on the two bolts. This will be a VERY tight fit. Don't worry if the bracket doesn't go all the way down the bolts to be flush with the body right now. Place the 2 nuts on these bolts as well, and start to tighten them. Tighten them until the mounting bracket is flush with the metal at the bottom of the bolts, and then tighten the drivers side bolts as well.

Click on the picture to the left to see the parts described here labeled.
Here is what your stock engine bay should look after the strut tower brace. (note, in this photo, the intake is modified as well)

I later installed the strut tower brace, and while the response wasn't truly amazing, it was definitly an improvement. The steering wheel feels a bit more responsive which is always a good thing.

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